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Gallery Aluminium is one of the places in Mostar that enriches the cultural life of the city, applying the European standards. Visitor of this gallery can expect space with a rich oeuvre of top works of art. Superbly decorated and impeccably designed space combines traditional and new.

In addition to football and basketball, tennis is also one of the most popular sports in Široki Brijeg. The history of tennis in Široki Brijeg begins between the two world wars, and later the first sports clubs have been established.

The ancient history of the area of today's city Ljubuški is marked by wars between the Illyrians and Romans, until the latter finally won at the beginning of the first century. Many material remains and ruins testify of Roman rule in the municipality of Ljubuški, especially when it comes to a large number of tombstones and architectural buildings.

A small place in Herzegovina called Široki Brijeg has always been the economic, administrative and cultural centre of the West Herzegovina Canton, but now it's got official recognition - Federation Government declared it a town! This makes it the only town in this county.

Zrinjevac Park is a central city park in the city of Mostar, and it is located between two famous squares – the Square of Great Croatians and the Spanish Square. It has always been a favourite place for walking, sitting, recreation, resting and playing for small and big citizens of Mostar, particularly after 2007 when the park was completely renovated and became a multi-purpose for different types of visitors.

Perovic or Arslanagic Bridge is the most significant historical monument in Trebinje, which extends over the river Trebišnjica. It was built by Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic back in 1574.

Mostar Summer Fest is a new music festival in Mostar and has only one goal - the full-day program and excellent performers to seal summer fun in the open air festival oasis in SC Kantarevac. The festival is scheduled for mid-September through the two-day music program, and the performers are some of famous bands from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croatia, such as TBF, Hladno Pivo, Pešes and other...

Neretva River is excellent for a variety of adventure activities and active holiday in nature, and in particular we want to emphasize rafting. Whether you are visiting Herzegovina with friends, family or work colleagues, rafting on the river Neretva is a time for laughing, bonding, good recreation and team building.

When it comes to sport and entertainment activities in Trebinje, there is so much to choose from. The camp "Ušće" is located on the Susica River, just 12 kilometers from the city.

Trebinje is a city of sport as evidenced many sporting events that are traditionally held on this town on Trebišnjica River. These are very well developed and organized by sport clubs from all the popular team sports such as football, basketball, judo, karate, handball, athletics and swimming sports.

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