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Perovic or Arslanagic Bridge is the most significant historical monument in Trebinje, which extends over the river Trebišnjica. It was built by Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic back in 1574.

When it comes to sport and entertainment activities in Trebinje, there is so much to choose from. The camp "Ušće" is located on the Susica River, just 12 kilometers from the city.

Trebinje is a city of sport as evidenced many sporting events that are traditionally held on this town on Trebišnjica River. These are very well developed and organized by sport clubs from all the popular team sports such as football, basketball, judo, karate, handball, athletics and swimming sports.

Trebinje is a town which hosts a large number of traditional cultural and sporting events, and as a city of culture, it organizes many events that meet high standards of culture.

Remains from the Turkish period in Trebinje are extremely visited: Perovic (Arslanagić) bridge from the sixteenth century, built by Mehmed-Pasha Sokolović, Osman Pasha's Mosque and the Old City (Kastel) on the right bank of the Trebišnjica from the eighteenth century, full of small restaurants, boutiques and memorabilia.

Special tourist offer of the city is religious tourism, as well as many foreign and domestic tourists might want to visit the monasteries. Trebinje is full of these monumental and historically-interesting buildings.

Many tourists enjoy massive plane trees, over a hundred years old, as well as in old Austrian buildings dominate the very center of the city, which were built in a Mediterranean style.

The city of Trebinje lies on the banks of the Trebišnjica River, once the largest underground river in Europe, 98 km long, which runs through the center of town. Old mills – dolapos, which are often associated with the term Trebišnjica, represent the beauty of the river environment and its surroundings.

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