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Traditional cuisine is what this area is famous for. Diverse traditional Herzegovinian dishes such as lamb meat stored under the lid and spit, potato pie, bread baked on a stone tablet and pie, cheeses: torotan, smoked, škripavac, cheddar, and cheese in olive oil; fritters, gruel with cream cheese, turkey, candle, ham, brown trout ... and all of this can be found on the menus of the restaurant, a lot of which there are in Trebinje.
Very attractive part of Trebinje, especially in recent times is wine tourism. Trebinje’s tenants are known for producing top-quality wines. The quality of wine in Herzegovina won many medals from international wine exhibition in Vienna, Paris and London. Growing and processing grapes is a tradition for many families of Trebinje, and considering the relatively small region, there are a large number of vineyards and wine cellars, and the most famous among them are: Tvrdoš, Anđelić, Vukoje, Petijević, Tarana, Sekulović, Berak, Popovac...
In addition to traditional food and wine, healing Herzegovina honey can be found on the tables of restaurants in Trebinje.

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